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  1. Mani October 22, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

    Regional Science Centre at Tirupati is one of the impartant tourist educational resource one should not miss in Tirupati. Reading the following review by a visitor Anuradha Shankar from Mumbai, I have decided to visit the centre. This is very near to Alipiri gate (about 600m) in the chitoor bypass adjacent to the Garuda Statue in the Tirumala route. I remember the first time I saw an advertisement for the Regional Science Centre at Tirupati; I was stunned that a temple town like Tirupati would have one! On second thoughts I realized that it was probably for the locals, an effect of all the development happening around. As I saw the ads more and more often on my recurring trips, I was curious, and eager to take a look, especially when I heard about their pre-historic section. This was one place I certainly wanted to take Samhith to, on this trip, sort of to compensate for all the temples I was dragging him to. As it turned out, the science centre happened to be very near the zoo, so we combined a visit to both.
    We spent almost half the day at the zoo and were prepared to spend the rest of the day at the science centre. It had, after all, a huge indoor section which included a 3D screen, a science park outdoors, as well as the prehistoric section, which is what we were keen on!
    Unfortunately, we were just leaving the Zoo when it started pouring, and as it turned out, we were the only visitors to the centre, which meant that the 3D show was off. That put us off going indoors. We did have umbrellas with us, and so we gave the science park a miss – it is exactly like the Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai, so we didn’t really miss anything – and headed over to the prehistoric section. Umbrellas in hand, we wove our way around all the exhibits and headed over to the end of the park where we could see a dinosaur towering over the other exhibits. Instead of wasting more words describing something which Samhith loved, and I am sure most kids will, too, let me take you on a tour through the entire pre-historic section. Please visit the writings with photos in the site:
    I have gone there with a view to visit Prehistoric life park only. But some 6 galleries on different subject made me to stick there for a whole day. There is a canteen also. Please don’t miss the Our Universe gallery. This gallery answers many of the curious questions posed by our children and kindle interest on our beginning and existence. I hope this is the first gallery developed across India on Universe, may be across the world, if I am correct. Other galleries developed in this centre are also different from other science centres across the country. Located beneath the temple of Sri Venkateswara, this centre is certainly a god of knowledge. Symbolically this shows science and religion are two eyes of this nation. I wish some of the visitors of Tirumala must spend some quality time with their family, especially with their children in this science centre.

    • Srinivasa Murthy November 24, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

      It is very nice to see your valuable response on Regional Science Centre.

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